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The Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN) Executive Committee and the Department of Pharmacy at the National University of Singapore are pleased to announce the 12th biennial GPEN conference in Singapore.

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Main day 1, Wed, 26th Sep

Venue: Kent Ridge Guild House

2:00 PM - 4:30 PMRegistration
5:00 PM - 5:30 PMOpening remarks and Welcome by Guest of Honour
Prof. Freddy BOEY
Senior Vice President (Graduate Education & Research Translation)
National University of Singapore
5:30 PM - 6:30 PMKeynote Lecture by
Prof. Patrick J. CASEY
Professor and Senior Vice Dean, Research
Duke-NUS Medical School
6:30 PM - 8:00 PMWelcome Reception

Main day 2, Thu, 27th Sep

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

  • Podium session 1: Nanoparticles in drug delivery
    S18:00 AMYoung´s Moduli of Gelatin Nanoparticles and how their Mechanical Properties Influence the in vitro FateAgnes-Valencia WEIß
    S28:20 AMIsolation of exosomes for drug delivery applicationsBritta HETTICH
    S38:40 AMSynthesis, Characterization, and In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Biodegradable Silica NanoparticlesPouya HADIPOUR
    S49:00 AMThe application of light scattering techniques to investigate surface distribution of cell-penetrating peptides on polymeric nanoparticlesSarah STRECK
    9:20 AMCoffee Break and Poster Session I
  • Podium session 2: Lipid-based drug delivery
    S510:10 AMTetraether liposomes loaded with hypericin for photodynamic therapy of ovarian cancer cellsNikola PLENAGL
    S610:30 AMImproved Oral Bioavailability by Supersaturated Silica-Lipid Hybrid FormulationsHayley SCHULTZ
    S710:50 AMA digestion/permeation model based on artificial membranes for studies of performance of lipid-based formulationsOliver HEDGE
    S811:10 AMCyclodextrin complexation as a tool to allow repurposing of chlorpromazine for treatment of acute myeloid leukemiaZhiqiang WANG
    S911:30 AMFabrication of 3D-printed biocompatible hydrogel patch for the local delivery of PEGylated liposomal doxorubicinJin LIU
    11:50 AMLunch
  • Podium session 3: Drug delivery and Formulation
    S101:10 PMHydrogels releasing nucleic acid-loaded polyplexesLies FLIERVOET
    S111:30 PMBioresponsive self-assembled DNA hydrogels for antimicrobial peptide loading and therapySybil OBUOBI
    S121:50 PMInkjet-based 3D printing of solid oral dosage manufacturingKoyel SEN
    S132:10 PMTriple HIV Drug Combination and Lipid Excipients Form Stable Solid State Interactions Leading to an Ordered Matrix for Enhanced Drug DeliveryJesse YU
    S142:30 PMTreatment with vernix caseosa based formulation alters the skin lipid composition of regenerated stratum corneumWalter BOITEN
    2:50 PMCoffee Break and Poster Session II
  • Podium session 4: Drug delivery and Formulation
    S153:40 PMProbing compression and storage induced surface crystallization with rapid multi-modal nonlinear optical imagingDunja NOVAKOVIC
    S164:00 PMProbing Miscibility and Mobility in Lyophilized Protein Formulations Using Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyAshley LAY
    S174:20 PMInvestigation of drug dissolution and absorption from low-density inhalation budesonide formulations in a cell culture integrating impactor systemUrsula THORMANN
    S184:40 PMImpact of Amorphization Strategy and Drug Loading on Dissolution Rate of Spray Dried IndomethacinYongquan LI
  • GPEN networking event: Cultural Night
    4:40 PMBus transfer to Satay by the Bay - Gardens by the Bay
    6:00 PMCultural Night @ Satay by the Bay - Gardens by the Bay

Main day 3, Fri, 28th Sep

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

  • Podium session 5: Targeted drug delivery and pharmacogenomics
    S208:00 AMDevelopment of A Nanostructured RNA/DNA Adjuvant Targeting Toll-like Receptor 7/8Fusae KOMURA
    S218:20 AMTumor microenvironment sub-type immune cells precise delivery by extravasation-oriented targeting-ligand reemerge strategy: the first step on the way to effective cancer immunotherapyTianqi WANG
    S228:40 AMCharacterizing patient-derived induced neural stem cells as a drug delivery platform for glioblastomaShaye HAGLER
    S239:00 AMGenome-wide Analyses Associate Variants in Rho GTPase Signaling Pathways With Microtubule Targeting Agent-Induced Sensory Peripheral NeuropathyKatherina CHUA
    S249:20 AMEffect of ABCB1 Haplotypes on Tacrolimus Disposition in Heart Transplant RecipientsKris ORESCHAK
    9:40 AMCoffee Break and Poster Session I
  • Podium session 6: Lipid-based drug delivery
    S2510:30 AMMetabolomic/proteomic analysis of orphan transporter monocarboxylate transporter 6 (MCT6): Evidence of a role in lipid metabolismRobert JONES
    S2610:50 AMQuantification of postmenopausal osteoporosis population: An system pharmacology approach using bisphosphonates.Yi Ting (Kayla) LIEN
    S2711:10 AMInvestigation of endogenous substrates of OCT2 as surrogate biomarker for the prediction of transporter-mediated drug-drug interactionTakeshi MIYAKE
    S2811:30 AMQuantification of 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin in human intestinal fluids helps to understand the intraluminal drug behavior following the oral intake of Sporanox®Philippe BERBEN
    S2911:50 AMA Co-Perfused In Vivo Absorption Model to Probe the Simultaneous Digestion and Drug Absorption process from Lipid-Based FormulationsEstelle SUYS
    12:10 AMLunch
  • Podium session 7: Hydrogels, oral drug delivery and transdermal drug delivery
    S301:30 PMQuantitative proteomics-based characterization of apical and basolateral membrane protein localization in human retinal pigmental epithelial cellsKazuki SATO
    S311:50 PMIsolation and Characterization of Liver-derived Exosomes by Liver Marker Protein Asialoglycoprotein-1 (ASGR1) and Proteomic AnalysisLaura DRBOHLAV
    S322:10 PMFibrillation Kinetics Of Therapeutic Peptides By Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS)Harshil RENAWALA
    S332:30 PMEvaluation of Paraoxonase-1 Activity in the Synovial Fluid of Osteoarthritis PatientsDaniel AKATWIJUKA
    2:50 PMCoffee Break and Poster Session II
  • Podium session 8: Characterizations of drug formulations
    S343:40 PMHSPG2/Perlecan as a Therapeutic Target in Metastatic CancersVidhi KHANNA
    S354:00 PMReversal of Fatty Liver by Peripheral CB1 Receptor Blockade Is SIRT1/PPARα DependentShahar AZAR
    S364:20 PMImpact of the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway on Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) PhenotypeMarlyn LAKSITORINI
  • GPEN networking event: Gala Dinner
    4:20 PMBus transfer to Flyer Event Hall - Singapore Flyer
    6:30 PMGala Dinner @ Singapore Flyer

Short courses, Sat, 29th Sep

Venue: S16, Faculty of Science

8:00 AM - 8:20 AMArrival and luggage storage
8:30 AM - 12:10 PMShort courses 1-6 (details below)
12:20 PM - 1:30 PMLunch
1:30 PM - 2:00 PMClosing and award ceremony
The following concurrent short courses will be available, with exact venue to be announced at a later date.

  1. Challenges and Progress in Drug Delivery: Prodrugs and Macromolecules
    Prof. Teruna SIAHAAN, University of Kansas
    Prof. Donald MILLER, University of Manitoba
    *Titles to-be-confirmed (TBC)
    C118:30 AMGeneral overview of approaches for prodrug and macromolecule delivery across biological barriersTeruna SIAHAANUniversity of Kansas
    C129:05 AMProdrug approaches for oral absorptionPatrick AUGUSTIJNSKU Leuven
    C139:40 AMNanocage therapeutics mediating immune checkpoint blockade awakens immunity against cancer with an immunogenic cell death (ICD)-inducing doxorubicin prodrugNa Kyeong LEE
    Seoul National University
    10:00 AMTea break
    C1410:20 AMProdrug and macromolecule approaches for delivering drugs to the brainDonald MILLERUniversity of Manitoba
    C1510:55 AMUsing Exosomes as Natural Carriers for Nucleic Acid Transfer: An Activity-Composition AnalysisJuliane NGUYENUniversity of Buffalo
    C1611:30 AMReprogrammed Exosomes as a Novel Immunotherapy for Breast CancerXiaojing SHI
    University of Southern California
    C1711:50 AMDesign and In Vitro/In Vivo Evaluation of LyP-1 Containing SMEDDS for Active Targeting in Breast Cancer TherapySelin Seda TIMUR
    Hacettepe University
  2. Optimizing Drug-Like Properties in Discovery and Development
    Leader: Prof. Michael HAGEMAN, University of Kansas
    C218:30 AMEffect of protein binding on hepatic clearance, intracellular concentration and IC50 predictionsKen BROUWERBioIVT
    C229:05 AMSolubility, biopharmaceutical profiling and formulate-ability: computational tools for assessment during the drug discovery stageChristel BERGSTRÖM
    Uppsala University
    C239:40 AMDodecylated and non-dodecylated polycations as promising siRNA complexing agents for skin diseases treatmentMarcelo KRAVICZ
    University of Sao Paulo
    10:00 AMTea break
    C2410:20 AMOptimizing for developability and maximizing oral exposure in discoveryMichael HAGEMANUniversity of Kansas
    C2510:55 AMProcessing-induced phase transformationsRaj SURYANARAYANANUniversity of Minnesota
    C2611:30 AMCharacterization of the PEGylated-Functional Upstream Domain Peptide (PEG-FUD): a Potent Fibronectin Assembly Inhibitor with Potential as an Anti-fibrotic TherapeuticPawel ZBYSZYNSKI
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    C2711:50 AMChloroquine Nanoparticles Improve Biodistribution and Sensitize Pancreatic Cancer to Oxaliplatin and Radiation TherapyRichard SLEIGHTHOLM
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
  3. Stability and Formulation of Biomolecules: Proteins and Vaccines
    Leader: Prof. Christian SCHÖNEICH, University of Kansas
    C318:30 AMThe ever increasing complexity of protein degradation pathwaysChristian SCHÖNEICHUniversity of Kansas
    C329:05 AMForced degradation of biologicals: why, how and wowWim JISKOOTLeiden University
    C339:40 AMCationic microparticle carrier system as adjuvant approach for pandemic influenza vaccines; proof-of-principle with adsorbed whole inactivated H5N1 influenzaCeline LEMOINE
    University of Geneva
    10:00 AMTea break
    C3410:20 AMBiosimilarity under stress: a forced degradation study of Remicade and RemsimaAnna SCHWENDEMANUniversity of Michigan
    C3510:55 AMSynthetic high-density lipoprotein nanodiscs for personalized vaccination against glioblastoma multiformeLindsay SCHEETZ
    University of Michigan
    C3611:15 AMFunctional evaluation of mucoadhesive liposome aiming oral delivery of peptide drugsKeiko MINAMI
    Setsunan University
    C3711:35 AMSynthesis of functionalised dendritic silica nanoparticles for delivery of anti-diabetic peptideMuhammad Mustafa ABEER
    University of Queensland
  4. Application of Computational Analysis in Drug Discovery and Development
    Leader: Prof. Yu Zong CHEN, National University of Singapore
    C418:30 AMArtificial Intelligence and Drug DiscoveryYu Zong CHENNational University of Singapore
    C429:15 AMComputational strategies in search for drug design scaffolds from natural productsHabibah A WAHABUniversiti Sains Malaysia
    10:00 AMTea break
    C4310:20 AMHigh-Content Analysis of Constitutive Androstane Receptor Nuclear Translocation Accurately Identifies Physiologically-Relevant ActivatorsBryan MACKOWIAK
    University of Maryland
    C4410:40 AMComputational modelling of protein-ligand interactions, applied to ligand discovery and function mechanism studiesHao FANBioinformatics Institute, A*STAR
    C4511:25 AMDevelopment of Novel Method to Analyze Transcriptome Profile DataTadahaya MIZUNOUniversity of Tokyo
  5. Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling and its Clinical Application
    Leader: Prof. Paul Chi Lui HO, National University of Singapore
    C518:30 AMFull Covariates Modelling using Random effects to overcome the bias of covariate selectionHwi-yeol YUNChungnam National University
    C529:05 AMPopulation Pharmacokinetic (PK) - Pharmacogenomic (PG) - Pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling of inhaled budesonide/formoterol combination in Korean asthmaticsJunyeong KIM (Student)Chungnam National University
    C539:25 AMR for PK simulationCheng-Cai TANGLilly Centre for Clinical Pharmacology Pte Ltd
    10:00 AMTea break
    C5410:20 AMModern tools to enhance clinical utility of modelling and simulationLai-San THAMLily Centre for Clinical Pharmacology Pte Ltd
    C5510:55 AMIdentifying clinically relevant sources of variability: The clopidogrel challengeStephan SCHMIDTUniversity of Florida
    C5611:30 AMDried blood spots for population pharmacokinetic studies of antiepileptic drugs and phenotyping drug resistant epilepsyPaul Chi Lui HONational University of Singapore
  6. Mechanistic and quantitative modeling in pharmacology and toxicology
    Leader: Prof. Eric Chun Yong CHAN, National University of Singapore
    C618:30 AMIntroduction on mechanistic and quantitative modeling in pharmacology and toxicologyEric CHANNational University of Singapore
    C629:00 AMDevelopment, validation and application of model to guide complex injectable drug-combination productsRodney HOUniversity of Washington
    C639:40 AMA comparison of two biorelevant in vitro drug release methods for nanotherapeutics based on advanced physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modellingFabian JUNG (Student)Goethe University Frankfurt
    10:00 AMTea break
    C6410:20 AMMechanistic modeling to evaluate bile acid-mediated drug-induced liver injury and hepatic transporter interactionsKim BROUWERUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    C6611:00 AMExtended pharmacokinetic model of the rabbit eye for intravitreal and intracameral injections of macromolecules: quantitative analysis of anterior and posterior elimination pathwaysMarko LAMMINSALO (Student)University of Eastern Finland
    C6711:20 AMIntegrating host-pathogen interactions: A systems-based approach to address antimicrobial resistanceGauri RAOUniversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill