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The Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN) Executive Committee is pleased to showcase the outstanding poster abstracts received at the 13th biennial GPEN conference in Minneapolis.

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Poster presentations on Thu, Oct 20th

Poster numberName (First)Name (Last)TitleAffiliation
A1JihuiLeeIntradermal administration of influenza vaccine with trehalose and pullulan-based dissolving microneedle arraysLeiden University
A2NianwuWangImproving the nanomaterial delivery by using Transportan peptide in the bystander mannerUniversity of Minnesota
A3MadisonRiccoOral Chemotherapy – An Alternative Chemotherapy Dosage Pathway Utilizing Bovine ExosomesUniversity of Colorado
A4SakshiBajoriaAntigen-adjuvant interactions, stability, and immunogenicity profiles of a SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD) antigen formulated with aluminum salt and CpG adjuvantsUniversity of Kansas
A5SimonBergerSystematic evaluation of the ex-throat plume properties of MDI formulationUniversity of Florida
A6SnehaRathiCNS delivery of novel DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitors for the treatment of brain tumorsUniversity of Minnesota
A7SusumuSuwabeSpray-dried microparticles composed of carbamazepine-polyvinylalcohol solid dispersion for the drug delivery via nose-to-brain routeNagoya City University
A8YaqiWuDegradation of disulfide-containing proteins induced by pharmaceutical buffersUniversity of Kansas
A9YilueZhangNear UV and visible light degradation of iron (III)-containing citrate buffer: formation of carbon dioxide radical anion via fragmentation of a sterically hindered alkoxyl radicalUniversity of Kansas
A10ArushiAgarwalTaste masking of Ephedrine Hydrochloride by forming a new salt with sodium cyclamateUniversity of Minnesota
A11TianyiXiangPrepration and characterization of new sweet salt of berberineUniversity of Minnesota
A12KayleeBarrEffect of Bottlebrush Polymer Architecture on pH Response for Oral Drug DeliveryUniversity of Minnesota
A13MichaelLanzIn vitro simulation of pressure conditions in the colon and their influence on drug releaseUniversity of Basel
A14BenjaminWinkeljannDry powder formulation of RNA-loaded nanoparticles for inhalation and improved storage stabilityLudwig Maximilian University of Munich
A15Jong-HeeWonDevelopment and evaluation of Eudragit S100 coated curcumin-nanostructured lipid carriersChungnam National University
A16PreyeAgbanaTernary Polypeptide Nanoparticles with Improved Encapsulation, Sustained Release, and Enhanced In Vitro Efficacy of CarfilzomibUniversity of Kentucky
A17RiaCaringalThimerosal-induced Destabilization of HPV16 VLPs: Mechanism StudiesUniversity of Kansas
A18YuZhangRemote loading of ATP into liposome by metal gradient for therapeutic studyUniversity of North Carolina
A19ZengtaoWangSystems biology modeling of the insulin signaling network in the blood-brain barrier endothelium predicts cerebrovascular inflammation in Alzheimer’s diseaseUniversity of Minnesota
A20VedantBhagaliSurfactant Adsorption Modelling.University of Minnesota
A21AayushiLaliwalaPaper-based technology for diagnosis of infectious diseasesUniversity of Nebraska
A22IoriAzumaInvestigation of matrix factorization methods employed in drug repositioningUniversity of Tokyo
A23TongzhenXieAgmatine attenuates the calcium transients in ex vivo spinal cord dorsal hornUniversity of Minnesota
A24JensSchäferevaluating of different nanoscale drug delivery systems for photodynamic therapyUniversity of Marburg
A25JIaweiLIDevelopment Poly-ADP-Ribose as Novel Vaccine CarrierUniversity of Southern California
A27MD MAHEDIHASANTargeting intratumoral fibrin-clot improves the immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy against pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaUniversity of Texas at El Paso
A28MiyukiTakemuraQuantitative analysis of the effect of osmolality on beverage-drug interaction by evaluating ingredient absorptionKanazawa University
A29NatalieJasiewiczZipperCells Exhibit Enhanced Accumulation and Retention at the Site of Myocardial InfarctionUniversity of North Carolina
A30SichenSongA Rheological Approach for Determining Miscibility of Amorphous Solid DispersionsUniversity of Minnesota
A31SonjaKorhonenCendR peptides targeting into laser induced choroidal neovascularization after intravitreal injection in miceUniversity of Eastern Finland
A32DougNelsonDifferential gene expression of human brain endothelial cells compared to endothelial cells co-cultured with pericytesUniversity of Minnesota
A33VrishaliSalianThe positive feedback loop between cerebrovascular inflammation and amyloid beta accumulation in Alzheimer’s diseaseUniversity of Minnesota
A34DaWonKimEnhanced Tumor Targeting and In Vivo Efficacy of Dendrimer-Peptide Conjugates: A novel nanocarrier platform for effective immune checkpoint blockadeUniversity of Wisconsin

Poster presentations on Fri, Oct 21st

Poster numberName (First)Name (Last)TitleAffiliation
B1ChristinaGreitensIntracellular tracking of plasmid DNA in cell transfection assaysETH-Zurich
B2KellySchwinghamerNon-invasive Brain Delivery and Clearance of Antibodies in Animal ModelsUniversity of Kansas
B3Ana VitoriaSilvestriniLiquid crystalline nanoparticles loading triptolide and TNF-alpha siRNA to deliver anti-inflammatory drug and silencing gene expression in topical therapy of psoriasisUniversity of Sao Paulo
B4ChinmayJogdeoInulin-based dual-function polymer for the combination treatment of acute kidney injury.University of Nebraska
B5MatthewBehymerIntramuscularly Delivered Platinum-based Cyanide CountermeasuresPurdue University
B6MichaelWangAnalytical and preformulation characterization studies of a recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vector-based vaccine candidate to enable future formulation developmentUniversity of Kansas
B7NanaSvaneDoes the Proton Coupled Organic Cation Antiporter Contribute to Brain Capillary Endothelial Cell Uptake of Triptans?University of Copenhagen
B8NegarJafariStudy the complexation behavior between the cyclic peptide Lanreotide and HPβ-CDUniversity of Kansas
B9PalasTiwadePolymer nanoparticles for efficacious mRNA deliveryUniversity of North Carolina
B10RahulLalgeDual Functionality of Bile Acid: Physical Stabilization of Drugs in the Amorphous State and Solubility Enhancement in SolutionUniversity of Minnesota
B11SilvanaGeisshüslerNanoparticulate Vaccines Delivered via MicroneedlesETH-Zurich
B12ValeriRoschenkoSurface-modified PLGA nanoparticles for actively targeted photodynamic therapy of circulating tumor cellsUniversity of Marburg
B13XiLuanDeveloping protein-sparing methods to study protein solubility and stability at high concentrationUniversity of Kansas
B14WenqiuZhangCNS Distributional Kinetics of Panobinostat in Mouse ModelsUniversity of Minnesota
B15DylanHendyCOBRA Loaded Ace-DEX Microparticles for Broadly Active Influenza VaccinationUniversity of North Carolina
B16Patrick DSinkoDirect prediction of hydrodynamic influence on permeating molecular species in biorelevant pharmaceutical profilingUppsala University
B17SebastianSteigertCharacterisation of luminal contents in the proximal colon in healthy adultsKatholieke Universiteit Leuven
B18SheenaSharmaPoor and variable oral bioavailability of dimethandrolone (DMA), an investigational male hormonal contraceptive, is likely associated with UGT2B17 mediated first-pass metabolismWashington State University
B19YeseulLeeOptimization and characterization of doxorubicin-loaded ultradeformable liposomal hydrogels for transdermal drug deliveryChungnam National University
B20WenjuanZhangCNS penetration of navtemadlin, a potent p53/MDM2 pathway inhibitor for treatment of glioblastomaUniversity of Minnesota
B21MelikeOngunSubcutaneous prime combined with pulmonary mucosal boost immunization with an mRNA vaccine induces antigen-specific T-cell responses in the lungsUniversity of Copenhagen
B22Anna-LenaSchaedelOvercoming the skin barrier using zinc oxide tetrapodsUniversity of Copenhagen
B23RuchaMahadikTargeting Antigenic Peptides to Immune Cells using Fc-BPI for Immune Modulation in EAE MiceUniversity of Kansas
B24TiboDuranCoarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of ssDNA Loaded Adeno-Associated VirusUniversity of Connecticut
B25PeijeRussellTheranostic porous silicon nanoparticles for targeted and responsive treatment and diagnosis of thrombosis.Monash University
B26BerndGutberletEfficient antimicrobial photodynamic therapy based on the photo-triggered release of hypericin cyclodextrin inclusion complex from thermosensitive liposomesUniversity of Marburg
B27DannyWilbieDiscovering small-molecule auxiliary enhancers of CRISPR/Cas9 gene correction through high-throughput screening of anticancer drugsUtrecht University
B28HyelimYooStudy of In-use stability test in multi-use eye drops according to storage conditionsChungnam National University
B29LenaBenderEvaluating the photodynamic efficacy of nebulized liposomal formulations in vitro and in ovoUniversity of Marburg
B30Nhan PhanTranFunctionalization of docetaxel-loaded liposomes enhances in vitro anti-cancer effectChungnam National University
B31XiaolinXuEffects of varying ratios of gemcitabine and paclitaxel on drug combination nanoparticle formulation that enhances cell delivery and exposures in metastatic breast cancer intended for cancer clearanceUniversity of Washington
B32YuexuanLiNanoparticle entry into cells in the bystander manner driven by free energy decline and regulated by sizes and shapesUniversity of Minnesota
B33JiaqiZhaoImproving vascular/tissue penetration of nanomaterial through pharmacological regulation of extracellular vesiclesUniversity of Minnesota
B34ArminNovakGelatin based hybrid core-shell structured nanoparticles for macromolecular drug deliverySaarland University
B35AmrAbostaitBiomimetic transplacental delivery of nucleic acid loaded lipid nanoparticles for targeting fetal diseases.University of Manitoba
B36MatthiasZadoryDevelopment of lipid-based nanoparticles for the management of lysosomal acid lipase deficiency gene replacement therapyUniversity of Montreal