Podium Presentations

The Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN) Executive Committee is pleased to showcase the outstanding poster abstracts received at the 13th biennial GPEN conference in Minneapolis.

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Podium presentations on Thu, Oct 20th

Podium numberTimeName (First)Name (Last)TitleAffiliation
S18:00-8:20Lloyd Wei TatTangMetabolic Activation of the Acrylamide Michael Acceptor Warhead in Futibatinib to an Epoxide Intermediate Engenders Covalent Inactivation of Cytochrome P450 3ANational University of Singapore
S28:20-8:40MinzhiYuEvaluating burst release kinetics of leuprolide acetate PLGA microspheres using an in-situ UV fiber optic techniqueUniversity of Michigan
S38:40-9:00JasleenSodhiIdentifying Transporter Involvement in Complex Drug-Drug Interactions
S410:00-10:20YiruJinTargeting CYP51 and CYP5122A1 in the ergosterol biosynthesis pathway in Leishmania donovani for the treatment of human leishmaniasisUniversity of Kansas
S510:20-10:40EmilyBonacquistiFluorogenic EXO-Probe Aptamers for Imaging and Tracking Exosomal RNAsUniversity of North Carolina
S610:40-11:00PriyalDaveImmunomodulatory Effect of NAP1051 in Murine Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)University of Southern California
S711:00-11:20AnnikaValtariDevelopment of novel long-acting glaucoma medicines by utilizing melanin bindingUniversity of Eastern Finland
S811:20-11:40LushanWangSex Difference of Glucose Transport in an Alzheimer’s Disease Transgenic Mouse ModelUniversity of Minnesota
S912:50-1:10VickyBarmpatsalouDevelopment and validation of a porcine artificial colonic mucus model reflecting the properties of native colonic mucus in pigsUppsala University
S101:10-1:30JanSchulzeChorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) as a 3D cell culture model used for evaluating photoactive nanoscale drug delivery systemsUniversity of Marburg
S111:30-1:50SabrinaSchnurIn vitro efficacy testing for drugs targeting Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseSaarland University
S121:50-2:10HaochenJiangDosage Escalation and Time-Course Histology Study for Adriamycin-induced FSGS animal modelUniversity of Nebraska
S132:10-2:30DanielCerriDevelopment of Immunoliposome containing for Analysis in Organ-on-a-Chip platformUniversity of Sao Paulo
S143:30-3:50NicholasHulsSolubility Prediction by Deep Learning of Quantum Information on Molecular SurfacePurdue University
S153:50-4:10ZacharyGreenbergAn end-to-end machine learned peptide aptamer strategy to develop translational precision extracellular vesicle therapeuticsUniversity of Florida
S164:10-4:30KatsuhisaMoritaImportance of an evaluation strategy using the time axis in adverse event prediction with machine learning.University of Tokyo

Podium presentations on Fri, Oct 21st

Podium numberTimeName (First)Name (Last)TitleAffiliation
S178:00-8:20TisanaKaewruethaiModification of hyaluronic acid based nanogels as a curcumin delivery enhancerChulalongkorn University
S188:20-8:40SurajFanseTowards the Rational Development of Long-acting Intrauterine Systems for ContraceptionUniversity of Connecticut
S198:30-9:00MinkiJinBiomimetic PLGA nanoparticles to improve the absorption of sorafenib for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinomaChungnam National University
S20skip presentation
S2110:20-10:40ScottTildenExploiting an innate immune response to lipid-nucleic acid nanoparticles to decrease off-target accumulation and increase tumor delivery of chemotherapeutic nanomedicines.University of Colorado
S2210:40-11:00AbdullahMasudOptimization and characterization of a liposomal azithromycin formulation for alternative macrophage activationUniversity of Kentucky
S2311:00-11:20AndreaCottinghamPoly(lactic acid) Nanoparticle Modulation of Macrophage Inflammatory ResponsesUniversity of Maryland
S2411:20-11:40NitishKhuranaVascular Pathophysiology Characterization in Chronic Rhinosinusitis for Controlled Drug DeliveryUniversity of Utah
S2512:50-1:10LeslieRebiboThe dose-dependent effect of a stabilized cannabidiol nanoemulsion on ocular surface inflammation and intraocular pressureHebrew University of Jerusalem
S261:10-1:30MohammadAbdallahUtilization of natural lipid trafficking pathways through lipid conjugation of brush PEG polymers to influence lymph uptake, plasma half-life and biodistributionMonash University
S271:30-1:50Hsuan PingChangPharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics evaluation of antibody-drug conjugate administered via nonconventional routes.University at Buffalo, SUNY
S281:50-2:10LeticiaSalvador VieiraEvaluation of the transwell system as a new tool to predict multidrug and toxin extrusion protein (MATE) mediated renal DDIsUniversity of Washington
S293:10-3:30SteffenHonrathStabilization of a DNA transfection system based on human transcription factor A (TFAM)ETH-Zurich
S303:30-3:50ErikHebelsA native chemical ligating crosslinker for the preparation of biodegradable core-crosslinked polymeric micelles and click conjugation of model compoundsUtrecht University
S313:50-4:10YukiKobayashiInvestigation of in vivo behavior of extracellular vesicles with different sizes after intraduodenal administrationKyoto University
S324:10-4:30ZhaotingLiDepletion of Tumor Associated Macrophages Enhances Local and Systemic Platelet-Mediated Anti-PD-1 Delivery for Post-Surgery Tumor Recurrence TreatmentUniversity of Wisconsin