GPEN Board of Directors

GPEN, Inc. is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Kansas, USA. All corporate powers of GPEN, Inc. are exercised by the organization’s Board of Directors. Members currently include: 
NameAffiliation TitleEnding Date Term
Ken AudusThe University of KansasChair*12/31/28
Teruna SiahaanThe University of KansasVice Chair/ Secretary*12/31/24
Yoshi TakakuraKyoto University Member-at-Large**12/31/28
Jeff KriseThe University of KansasTreasurer*12/31/24
Ron BorchardtThe University of KansasSenior Advisor***Emeritus

*Elected by the faculty members of KU’s Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

**Elected by GPEN’s Full Member Institutions
***Appointed by GPEN’s BOD

GPEN Executive Committee

Members of GPEN’s Executive Committee are elected by the member institutions and serve to advise the organization’s Board of Directors on matters relating to the organization’s programs. 

NameAffiliation TitleEnding Date Term
Patrick AugustijnsKU Leuven
Chair***/ Member-at-Large**12/31/26
Christian SchoneichThe University of KansasMember-at-Large**12/31/24
Joe NicolazzoMonash UniversityMember-at-Large**12/31/26
Christel “Kicki” BergstromUppsala UniversityMember-at-Large**12/31/28
Kim BrouwerUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillMember-at-Large**12/31/28
M. Vitoria BentleyUniversidade de São PauloMember-at-Large**12/31/28
Bianca LiedererGenentech Ad hoc Industrial Liaison*12/31/24
Ken AudusThe University of KansasAd hoc*12/31/28
Teruna SiahaanThe University of KansasAd hoc*12/31/24
Yoshi TakakuraKyoto UniversityAd hoc*12/31/28
Jeff KriseThe University of KansasAd hoc*12/31/24
Ron BorchardtThe University of KansasAd hoc Senior Advisor*Emeritus

*Selected by the faculty members of KU’s Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ BOD
**Elected by GPEN’s Full Member Institutions
***Elected by the EC

Updated 1/4/2023

Professor Ron T. Borchardt and Professor Kenneth L. Audus at GPEN 2018 in Singapore