Program Schedule

The Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN) Executive Committee and the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas, are pleased to announce the 11th biennial GPEN conference in Lawrence, Kansas. Attendance by invitation only.

November 9, 2016

12:00 pm
to 4:30 pm
Location: The Eldridge Hotel
5:00 pm
to 5:30 pm
GPEN2016 Opening Remarks and Welcome

Sponsored by KU Innovation and Collaboration

Opening remarks provided by:

  • Neeli Bendapudi (Provost, The University of Kansas)
  • Ken Audus (GPEN Chairman)
  • Steve Jansen (Lawrence Historian)
Location: Liberty Hall
5:30 pm
to 6:30 pm
Keynote Lecture: “Drug Discovery and Development: The Venture Capital Perspective”

Sponsored by KU Innovation and Collaboration

Mike Powell, PhD
Sofinnova Ventures
Location: Liberty Hall
6:30 pm
to 8:00 pm
Welcome Reception

Sponsored by City of Lawrence

Location: The Eldridge Hotel

November 10, 2016

8:00 am
to 9:40 am
Podium Presentations I: Drug Delivery

Sponsored by Abbvie

8:00 AMBuddhadev LayekGlycoengineered mesenchymal stem cells as an enabling platform for two-step targeting of solid tumorsUniversity of MinnesotaLayek's abstract
8:20 AMJan-Jaap VerhoefNature’s nanoparticles and its slow-release mechanismUtrecht UniversityVerhoef's abstract
8:40 AMAaron DolorDisrupting The Tumor Matrix for Increased Nanoparticle Drug PenetrationUniversity of California, San FranciscoDolor's abstract
9:00 AMPeng ZhaoiTEP Nanoparticle-Delivered Salinomycin Displays An Enhanced Antitumor and Anti-Metastasis Efficacy in Orthotopic Breast TumorsThe University of UtahZhao's abstract
9:20 AMMorgan GilesEfficient Aqueous Remote Loading of Leuprolide in PLGA MicrospheresUniversity of MichiganGiles' abstract
9:40 am
to 10:40 am
Coffee Break, Poster Session 1

 Sponsored by F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

The following poster presenters will be available during this session to discuss their scientific findings. The balance of the 110 posters will also be available for viewing.
P1Sanjeev AgarwalPre-formulation characterization of three non-replicating rotavirus vaccine recombinant protein antigens (P2-VP8-P[4], P2-VP8-P[6] and P2-VP8-P[8]) produced in E. coli
University of Kansas
Agarwal's abstract
P3Abdullah Al-Hossaini
Separation of dynorphin peptides by capillary and microchip electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection
University of Kansas
Al-Hossaini's abstract
P5Lorena Antunez
Physiochemical Properties of Traditional Adjuvants Promote Different Mechanisms of Phopsholipid Reorganization and Dendritic Cell Activation
University of Kansas
Antunez's abstract
P7Philippe Berben
Influence of water intake on the intraluminal behavior and systemic exposure in humans for a cyclodextrin-based formulation of itraconazole
KU Leuven
Berben's abstract
P9Rupesh Bommana
Identification of D-amino acids in light-exposed monoclonal antibody formulations.
University of Kansas
Bommana's abstract
P11Enyuan Cao
Targeting Intestinal Lymphatic Lymphocytes: A potential route to treat immune-metabolic diseases
Universidade de São Paulo
Cao's abstract
P25Mei Feng
Biophysical Analysis of the Pore Size and Pore Densities of Caco-2 and MDCK Cell Monolayers Using a Model Modulator
University of Kansas
Feng's abstract
P27Adam Friedman
The Selection of Highly Stable Aptamers Selected from a 2’- fully modified fGmH RNA Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Friedman's abstract
P29Tehetina WoldemichaelInhibiting the lysosomal V-ATPase decreases intracellular hydrochloride crystal formation by a weakly basic poorly soluble drugUniversity of MichiganWoldemichael's abstract
P31Brittany Hartwell
Multivalent Antigen Arrays Leverage Antigen-Specific Binding and Signaling Modulation in B Cells to Regulate Autoimmune Response
University of Kansas
Hartwell's abstract
P33Tze Ning Hiew
A study on the effects of excipient shielding on the intrinsic dissolution rate of acetylsalicylic acid
National University of Singapore
Hiew's abstract
P45Sarah Kindgen
Spray-dried vaccine particles for photochemical internalization
ETH Zurich
Kindgen's abstract
P47Brian Kopec
Development of Methods to Localize Peptides and Proteins in Different Brain Regions
University of Kansas
Kopec's abstract
P49Niyanta Kumar
The intranasal pathway for non-invasive delivery of antibody based therapeutics to the central nervous system: investigating mechanism, distribution and dose response
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kumar's abstract
P51Marlyn Laksitorini
Effects of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 beta (GSK3β) Inhibition on P-glycoprotein Expression and Activity in Cell Culture Models of the Blood-Brain Barrier
University of Manitoba
Laksitorini's abstract
P53Keeho Lee
pH Sensitive Liposomes for Vaccine or Chemotherapeutic Delivery
University of Otago
Lee's abstract
P65Ryan MoulderEnhancing Immunological Response Towards shigella spp. Through a Multivalent Subunit VaccineUniversity of KansasMoulder's abstract
P67Reza Nejadnik No Touching! Abrasion of Adsorbed Protein is the Root Cause of Sub-Visible Particle Formation during StirringLeiden UniversityNejadnik's abstract
P69Lukasz OchylEliciting Adoptive Immune Responses Against Melanoma Using PEGylated Tumor Cell Membrane VesiclesUniversity of MichiganOchyl's abstract
P71Pierce O'NeilProbing the Kinetic Stability of Tetanus Neurotoxin Using Label-free Biolayer InterferometryUniversity of Kansas)O'Neil's abstract
P73Chad PickensNovel Antigen-Specific Immunotherapies for the Treatment of Autoimmune DisordersUniversity of Kansas)Pickens' abstract
P85Ishan ShahCharacterization of Site-specific N-glycosylation on IgG3 and Its Role in Interaction with Fc Receptors and Physical StabilityUniversity of Kansas)Shah's abstract
P87Noora SjöstedtEffects of Transmembrane Domain Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms on the Breast Cancer Resistance ProteinUniversity of HelsinkiSjostedt's abstract
P89Jimmy Song Structural Transition of Copaxone® During Simulated Subcutaneous InjectionUniversity of Kansas)Song's abstract
P91Jeon Sung-Hoon The Screening of Oil for Naproxen Microemulsion Chungnam National UniversitySung-Hoon's abstract
P101Yangjie Wei Development and evaluation of virus-like particle vaccines against ricinUniversity of Kansas)Wei's abstract
10:40 am
to 12:00 pm
Podium Presentations II: Drug Delivery

Sponsored by Abbvie

10:40 AMShashank Pinnapireddy
Photo-enhanced gene delivery using curcumin embedded composite lipopolyplexes
University of MarburgPinnapireddy's abstract
11:00 AMAdem Sahin
Comparing Intracellular Delivery of PLGA and Chitosan Nanoparticles: Lessons and Challenges
Hacettepe UniversitySahin's abstract
11:20 AMYu Wan
Development of a stearylated peptide for delivering siRNA into mammalian cells
The University of QueenslandWan's abstract
11:40 AMSasi bhushan Yarragudi
Biodegradable, mucoadhesive microparticles of tamarind seed polysaccharide for enhanced olfactory deposition
University of Otago 
Yarragudi's abstract
12:00 pm
to 1:10 pm

Sponsored by Allergan, Plc

1:05 pm
to 1:20 pm
Welcome from the Lawrence Arts Center

Provided by Margaret Weisbrod Morris

1:20 pm
to 2:20 pm
Podium Presentations III: Biotechnology

Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc.

1:20 PMRyan Lillico

Epigenetic enzyme inhibitors induce global changes in histone post-translational modifications
University of ManitobaLillico's abstract
1:40 PMAniv Mann

'Into the Wild'- cerebral folate uptake mechanisms in epilepsy
Hebrew University of JerusalemMann's abstract
2:00Khalid Al-Kinani

The effect of core fucosylation on human IgG2 structure and function
The University of KansasAl-kinani's abstract
2:20 pm
to 3:20 pm
Coffee Break, Poster Session 2

Sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.

The following poster presenters will be available during this session to discuss their scientific findings. The balance of the 110 posters will also be available for viewing.
P13Giuseppe Caruso Carnosine Decreases Nitric Oxide Concentrations and Modulates Activation and Differentiation in Stimulated Macrophages Through a Complex Biochemical MechanismUniversity of KansasCaruso's abstract
P15Seongwook LeePolymeric Nano-shielding of Non-Human Primate Pancreatic Islets for Better Transplantation OutcomeSeoul National UniversityLee's abstract
P17Michael CollierSaquinavir Loaded Acetalated Dextran Microconfetti – a Long Acting Protease Inhibitor Injectable University of North CarolinaCollier's abstract
P19Lindsay Czuba Proteomic Analysis of the Human Apical Sodium-dependent Bile Acid Transporter (ASBT; SLC10A2)University of Maryland, BaltimoreCzuba's abstract
P21Jiangnan Dun Influence of Humidity on the Mechanical Properties of Soluplus® and PVPUniversity of MinnesotaDun's abstract
P23Khadijah Edueng Mechanism-based Selection of Stabilization Strategy for Amorphous FormulationUppsala UniversityEdueng's abstract
P35Yue Hu Using Biophysical Techniques and Hydrogen Exchange to Evaluate Excipient Effects on Reversible Self-association, Phase Separation, and Solution Properties of Monoclonal AntibodiesUniversity of KansasHu's abstract
P37Laura Jablonka In vitro Drug Release Testing of Liposomal Temoporfin Formulations with the Dispersion Releaser TechnologyGoethe UniversityJablonka's abstract
P39Martin Jetzer The Influence of the Blending Method on Lactose Carrier Surface Modification with Magnesium Stearate on Fluticasone Dry Powder InhalerUniversity of BaselJetzer's abstract
P41Huan Kang Chemical Stability of Different IgG4 Fc Glycoforms as a Model for Biosimilar Comparability Analysis University of KansasKang's abstract
P43Farjana Khatun Synthetic Lipoglycoconjugate Vaccines Against Group A StreptococcusThe University of QueenslandKhatun's abstract
P55Martin Leon
Novel Chemical Probes and Therapeutics for Autoimmune Disorders
University of Kansas
Leon's abstract
P57Antonio Lopalco
Structure, Preparation and Physicochemical Properties of Boronate Esters of 4-Methoxybenzene Boronic Acid and D-Mannitol
University of Kansas
Lopalco's abstract
P59Michaela McNiff
Development and validation of a platform to determine amorphous solubility and characterize liquid-liquid phase separation behavior
University of Kansas
McNiff's abstract
P61Bruna Minatovicz
Investigation of Mixing and Segregation of Ordered Mixtures for Dry Powder Inhaler Formulations
University of Connecticut
Minatovicz's abstract
P63Mario Edgar Moral
Synthesis and Evaluation of Multi-antigen I-Domain Conjugate (IDAC-6) Against Antigenic Spreading in Animal Models for Multiple Sclerosis
University of Kansas
Moral's abstract
P75Gautham GampaActive Efflux and Brain Delivery of Novel pan-RAF InhibitorsUniversity of MinnesotaGampa's abstract
P77Eva Ramsay
QSPR-model for conjunctival drug permeability
University of Eastern Finland
Ramsay's abstract
P79Aaron Rudeen
Purification and crystal screening of the Topo II interacting region of tumor suppressor Adenomatous Polyposis Coli
University of Kansas
Rudeen's abstract
P81Kanika Sarpal
Understanding Role of Drug-Polymer Interactions and Its Implications on the Blend Scale Homogeneity in Amorphous Solid Dispersions Using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
University of Kentucky
Sarpal's abstract
P83Uta Schilling
Prediction of the Nasal and Plasma Pharmacokinetics of Locally-acting Nasal Drug Products using a semi-mechanistic modeling approach
University of Florida
Schilling's abstract
P93Ursula Thormann
Systematic determination of the impact of lipophilicity and hydrogen bond formation on the membrane permeability of small-molecule drugs
Uppsala University
Thormann's abstract
P95Kavisha Ulapane
Improving Brain Delivery of a Peptide via BBB Modulation and Detection Using LC-MS-MS
University of Kansas
Ulapane's abstract
P97Ninad Varkhede
Oxidation of rat growth hormone and a semi-physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of its proteolysis after subcutaneous injection
University of Kansas
Varkhede's abstract
P99Newton Wahome
In silico workflow to analyze the thermostability of monoclonal antibody domains
University of Colorado, Denver
Wahome's abstract
P103Matthias Wojcik
Ultrasound triggered growth factor release – a new approach in bone diseases
University of Marburg
Wojcik's abstract
P105Yi Yang

Development of a Robust Method for the Characterization of Antibody CarbonylationUniversity of Kansas/Genentech
3:20 pm
to 4:20 pm
Podium Presentations IV: Biotechnology

Sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc.

3:20 PMAditya Gandhi

Physical Stability Of Antibody-Drug Conjugates
University of ColoradoGandhi's abstract
3:40 PMSou Tanoue

Analysis of catalytic property of human esterase D, S-formylglutathione hydrolase, and its polymorphic enzyme
Kumamoto UniversityTanoue's abstract
4:00 PM
Nantaporn Namviriyachote
Polyurethane Foam Dressing with Natural Polyols and Silver: Physio-chemical, Mechanical and Antibacterial Properties

Chulalongkorn University Namviriyachote's abstract
5:45 pm
to 8:30 pm
BBQ and Bonfire at a Kansas Buffalo Ranch

Sponsored by Ronald T. and Pamela K. Borchardt and Dhiren and Kailas Thakker


Location: Circle S Ranch

November 11, 2016

8:00 am
to 9:40 am
Podium Presentations I: Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics

Sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.

8:00 AMThu Pham
Design and characterization of antihistamine loaded orally dissolving films as a potential new dosage form
Aston University
Pham's abstract
8:20 AMIgor Chekhtman
Mechanism of drug release from levofloxacin-monomer conjugates
Monash University 
Chekhtman's abstract
8:40 AMElodie Millart
Lipid-based Janus nanoparticles : overview and focus on ferrofluid incorporation for theranostic applications
Institut Galien Paris Sud
Millart's abstract
9:00 AMAndrea Treyer
Phospholipid content is a major determinant of intracellular binding of drugs
Uppsala University
Treyer's abstract
9:20 AMJeong Uk Choi
Enhancing Tumor Blood Perfusion Using Orally Active Heparin to Increase the Distribution of Anti-cancer Therapeutics Inside the Tumor TissueSeoul National University
Choi's abstract
9:40 am
to 10:40 am
Coffee Break, Poster Session 1

Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline

The following poster presenters will be available during this session to discuss their scientific findings. The balance of the 110 posters will also be available for viewing.
P2Yagmur Akdag Cayli
Determination and Evaluation of Aerodynamic Parameters of Ciprofloxacin and Mucolytic Containing Dry Powder Inhalers
Hacettepe University
Akdag Cayli's abstract
P4Sivakrishna Angalakurthi
B-cell epitope mapping of RiVax, a candidate ricin vaccine antigen using hydrogen exchange-mass spectrometry
University of Kansas
Angalakurthi's abstract
P6Lærke Arnfast
Future Manufacturing of Flexible Dosage Forms University of Copenhagen
Arnfast's abstract
P8Madhushree BhattacharyaPeptide linkers with differential rates of cargo release in human ARPE-19 cells: a strategy for controlled intracellular drug release
University of Helsinki
Bhattacharya's abstract
P10Christine Bowman
Meta-analysis of Hepatic Clearance Predictions from in Vitro-in Vivo Extrapolation
University of California, San Francisco
Bowman's abstract
P12Zumira Carneiro
Transition Metal Complexes as Potential Therapeutic Agents in Chagas Diseases
Universidade de São Paulo
Carneiro's abstract
P26Uma Fogueri
Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of a Novel Nanoemulsion Containing a Small Molecule drug for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis
University of Colorado
Fogueri's abstract
P28J. Daniel Griffin
Tailoring Valency and Peptide Prevalence in Soluble Antigen Arrays for Optimized Interruption of the Immunological Synapse
University of Kansas
Griffin's abstract
P30Shaye Hagler
Induced neural stem cells as a drug delivery platform for glioblastoma
University of North Carolina

Hagler's abstract
P32Asha Hewarathna
Photochemical Formation of Novel Cross-links between Cys and Ser Residues in Model Peptides Containing Disulfides: A Role for Thiyl Radicals

University of Kansas
Hewarathna's abstract
P34Nicholas Hobson
Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Nanoparticle Diagnostics for Applications in Medical Imaging
UCL School of Pharmacy
Hobson's abstract
P46Peter Kleindl
Physicochemical and biological characterization of crofelemer for identification of critical quality attributes using a machine learning approach
University of Kansas
Kleindl's abstract
P48Aaron Krueger
Complementary particle and biophysical techniques for evaluating biosimilarity
University of Colorado School of Pharmacy
Krueger's abstract
P50Hiroki Kuroda
Identification of blood-brain barrier membrane protein interacting with exosome derived from breast cancer cell line (MCF-7) in human
Tohoku University
Kuroda's abstract
P52Nicholas Larson
Characterizing antigen-adjuvant interactions using novel spectroscopic techniques
University of Kansas
Larson's abstract
P54Ming Lei
Light-induced Protein Crosslink, Structure-related Reactivity and Stability during Frozen Storage: A Case Study Using rhDNase
Lei's abstract
P66Yoshinobu Nakamura Attenuation of Endotoxin-induced Fever in Prostaglandin Transporter OATP2A1 Global and Macrophage-specific Knockout Mice Kanazawa UniversityNakamura's abstract
P68Akram ObiedatThe Stress Buffering Roles of the UPR- implications to Cancer ImmunotherapyThe Hebrew University of JerusalemObiedat's abstract
P70Solomon OkbazghiCharacterization of IgG1 Fc Glycoforms as a Model System for Biosimilarity AnalysisUniversity of KansasOkbazghi's abstract
P72Samantha Pace The Use of GroEL-BLI Biosensor to Rapidly Assess “Pre-Aggregate” Populations for Monoclonal Antibodies of Different Stabilities University of KansasPace's abstract
P74Indira Prajapati Sulfur-radical Cation Intermediate Leads to Hydrolysis and Oxidation of Methionine-Histidine Containing Proteins and PeptidesUniversity of KansasPrajapati's abstract
P86Josh ShipmanMethod Development for Quantifying Methionine Oxidation in a gp120 HIV Envelope ProteinUniversity of KansasShipman's abstract
P88Gi Ho SonStudies on the Microemulsion with Hydrophilic Hydroxycitric Acid and Lipophilic Conjugated Linoleic AcidChungnam National UniversitySon's abstract
P90Natalia SubelzuDifferential Photosensitivity of Monoclonal Antibody Solutions with SaltsUniversity of KansasSubelzu's abstract
P92Shota Tabata Quantitative Analysis of Intestinal Absorption and Metabolism of Benazepril in Rat Intestinal Single-pass Perfusion ExperimentKumamoto UniversityTabata's abstract
P102Agnes-Valencia Weiß Gelatin Nanocarriers Stabilized by Incorporation in PLGA for the Delivery of Hydrophilic MacromoleculesSaarland UniversityWeis' abstract
P104Derek White A Bifunctional Peptide Inhibitor – IgG1 Fc Fusion Suppresses Experimental Autoimmune EncephalomyelitisUniversity of KansasWhite's abstract
P106Jesse Yu Interactions of HIV Drugs and Non-ionic (POE-PPO-PEO) Poloxamers at Molten States Enable Formation of Anti-HIV Protease Drug Particles for InjectionUniversity of WashingtonYu's abstract
10:40 am
to 12:00 pm
Podium Presentations II: Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics

Sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.

10:40 AMNico Setiawan
What is the True Driving Force for Drug Absorption in the Presence of Solubilizing Excipients?
University of KentuckySetiawan's abstract
11:00 AMAnna-Kaisa Rimpela
Drug distribution to retinal pigment epithelium: studies on melanin binding, cellular kinetics and SPECT/CT imaging
University of HelsinkiRimpela's abstract
11:20 AMLaura Pelkonen
Drug interactions with isolated retinal pigment epithelium melanin
University of Eastern FinlandPelkonen's abstract
11:40 AMDiachi Fujita
Involvement of intestinal transporter OATP2B1 in gastrointestinal toxicity induced by SN-38, an active metabolite of anticancer irinotecan
Kanazawa UniversityFujita's abstract
12:00 pm
to 1:10 pm

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1:10 pm
to 3:10 pm
Podium Presentations III: Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Technology

Sponsored by Allergan, Plc.

1:10 PM
Tahnee Dening
Development of Clay-Lipid Hybrid Microparticles for the Improved Oral Delivery of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs
University of South Australia
Dening's abstract
1:30 PM
Katerina Simkova
On production of fast‑dissolving low-density powders for deep lung deposition by spray drying of a nanosuspension
University of Basel
Simkova's abstract
1:50 PM
Monica Lavan
Cysteine 34 Mono-PEGylated Human Serum Albumin For the Solubilization and Delivery of Chemotherapeutics
Purdue University
Lavan's abstract
2:10 PM
Arushi Manchanda
Sensitivity of the calculated value of the amorphous solubility enhancement ratioon experimental conditions used to determine input parameters
University Of Connecticut 
Manchanda's abstract
2:30 PM
Xian Weng-Jiang
Aqueous in-flow coprecipitation synthesis of USPION as T1 enhancing MR contrast agent
UCL School of Pharmacy
Weng-Jiang's abstract
2:50 PM
Su Min Han
The effect of tween 80 on particle size of PTX loaded liposome
Chungnam National University
Han's abstract
3:10 pm
to 4:10 pm
Coffee Break, Poster Session 2

Sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company

The following poster presenters will be available during this session to discuss their scientific findings. The balance of the 110 posters will also be available for viewing.
P14Jingwen Chen Developing Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Targeted Cancer Therapy University of Southern CaliforniaChen's abstract
P16Matthew Christopher Antigen-Drug Conjugates as Antigen-Specific Immunotherapies in the Treatment of Autoimmune DiseasUniversity of KansasChristopher's abstract
P18Carla Coste Sanchez Gadolinium Deposition and C2E2: An Orally Bioavailable Chelating Agent for Prevention of Gd Retention After MRI Contrast AdministrationUniversity of North Carolina Coste Sanchez's abstract
P20Laura Drbohlav Targeted Proteomic Analysis of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Exosomes Secreted by HepG2 Cells after Induction with β- NaphthoflavoneUniversity of KansasDrbohlav's abstract
P22Lili Duse Curcumin Loaded Photosensitive Lipopolyplexes for Enhanced Gene Delivery in Ovarian Carcinoma CellsUniversity of MarburgDuse's abstract
P24Jonathan Falconer Intranasal Delivery of Silver to Treat Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis in MiceUniversity of UtahFalconer's abstract
P36Jordan Hunt Conjugating Hyaluronic Acid to Toll-like Receptor Agonists for the Development of New Vaccine AdjuvantsUniversity of KansasHunt's abstract
P38Woo Suk Jang Preformulation and In Vitro Characterization of Three Different Drugs-loaded eEmulsion: Fenofibrate, Ketoprofen, and AlbendazoleChungnam National UniversityJang's abstract
P40Wenjie JiangSulfated Polysaccharide of Sepiella Maindroni Ink Inhibits MMP-2 Expression Through EGFR-mediated PI3K-Akt-mTOR and p38 MAPK Signaling PathwaysShandong UniversityJiang's abstract
P42Jamal Khan Lipid Based Formulations Can Be Used to Control the Solid State Form of Poorly-water Soluble Ionisable Drugs Upon Precipitation During In-vitro DigestionMonash Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesKhan's abstract
P44Tae-Hyeon KimPreparation and Characterization of Cationic Proliposome Prepared with Water-insoluble Chitosan to Enhance the Cellular Uptake of Protein DrugChungnam National UniversityKim's abstract
P56Dandan Li
Reduction sensitive nanogels as antitumor vaccine delivery systems
Utrecht University
Li's abstract
P58Sharad Mangal
Dry coating a cohesive pharmaceutical powder via high-shear processing to improve powder flowability
Purdue University
Mangal's abstract
P60Hanzey YasarStarch-chitosan Polyplexes as a Novel, Versatile Drug Carrier System for Transfollicular VaccinationSaarland UniversityYasar's abstract
P62Yuya Mizukami
Elucidation of factors determining the cell distribution in artificially fabricated mixed multicellular spheroids for improved insulin secretion
Kyoto University
Mizukami's abstract
P64Apurva More
Correlating the impact of different well-defined oligosaccharide structures on physical stability profiles of IgG1-Fc glycoforms
University of Kansas
More's abstract
P76Xiazi Qiu
Development of a HepaRG Cell-based Liver-on-a-Chip Microfluidic System
University of Kansas
Qiu's abstract
P78Hasitha Rathnayaka
Fragmentation of therapeutic proteins by soluble tungsten species
University of Kansas
Rathnayaka's abstract
P80Phillip Rzeczycki
Macrophage depletion reveals an active role of the immune system in determining the in vivo disposition of an orally-bioavailable drug
University of Michigan
Rzeczycki's abstract
P82Kazuki Sato
In vivo discovery of blood-brain barrier permeable endogenous protein candidates based on comprehensive and quantitative data independent acquisition proteomics
Tohoku University
Sato's abstract
P84Benjamin Seitz
Antibacterial modification of catheter surfaces utilizing PLGA-nanoparticles and tetraether-DPPC-liposomes
University of Marburg
Seitz's abstract
P94Vishal Toprani
Structural characterization, physicochemical stability and preformulation/formulation development of a double mutant heat labile toxin (dmLT) protein adjuvant
University of Kansas
Toprani's abstract
P96Jens Van Den Abeele
Investigating the Link Between Gastric Motility and Distribution of an Orally Administered Drug in the Stomach of Fasted Healthy Volunteers
KU Leuven
Van Den Abeele's abstract
P98David Wagner
Organic Cation Transporter Interactions with Methamphetamine and Major Metabolites
University of Washington
P100Renae Waters
Local Delivery of Stem Cell Derived Secretome with Injectable Hydrogels for Myocardial Therapy
University of Kansas
Waters' abstract
4:10 pm
to 5:10 pm
Podium Presentations IV: Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Technology

Sponsored by Allergan, Plc.

4:10 PM
Tiziana Di Francesco

Maltofer® vS. iron polymaltose similars: could we spot differences?
University of Geneva
Francesco's abstract
4:30 PM
Jaya Mishra
Use of spray drying as a method for formation of co-amorphous drug-amino-acid mixtures
University of Copenhagen
Mishra's abstract
4:50 PM

Amelia Deitchman
Maximizing the Use of Currently Available Antibiotic Therapies: Tetracycline Augments Tigecycline’s Spectrum of Activity
University of Florida
Deitchman's abstract
6:15 pm
to 9:00 pm
Conference Banquet

 Sponsored by KU Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

November 12, 2016

GPEN Short Courses

The material for short courses will be provided in electronic form during registration.


8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 1
Mechanistic Determinants of the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Therapeutic Proteins

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMJoseph Balthasar
Introduction to primary determinants of protein pharmacokinetics University of Buffalo
Overall abstract
9:05 AM
Yutaro Hoshi (Student)
Quantitative phosphoproteomics for the regulatory mechanism of blood-brain barrier P-glycoprotein: Oxidative stress-induced activation of Abl and Src kinases enhanced P-glycoprotein internalization
Tohoku University
Hoshi's abstract
9:25 AMDonald Mager
Target mediated disposition of biological drugs University of Buffalo
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AM
Jarod Waybright
A Chemical Biology Approach to Phosphatidylinositide Metabolic Analysis
UNC Chapel Hill
Waybright's abstract
10:40 AMJoseph Balthasar
Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling to predict the disposition of monoclonal antibodiesUniversity of Buffalo
11:15 AMDhavalkumar Shah
Use of mechanistic models to predict the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antibody-drug conjugates University of Buffalo
11:50 AM
Peter Tiefenbock
A novel cell engineering platform based on microinjection of enzyme-loaded liposomes
ETH Zurich
Tiefenbock's abstract
8:30 am
to 12:10 am
Short Course 2
Cell Culture Systems in Pharmacokinetics Research – Proven & Promising

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMIsmael Hidalgo
Cell Culture Systems Validation and Strategy to Monitor Cell Culture UniformityAbsorption Systems
Overall abstract
9:05 AMCen Guo
Is it Necessary to Measure Intracellular Unbound Fraction of Inhibitors to Predict Hepatic Efflux Transporter-mediated Drug Interactions?UNC-Chapel Hill
Guo's abstract
9:25 AMTeruna Siahaan
Delivering Molecules Through The BBB Intercellular JunctionsUniversity of Kansas
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMWilliam D. Hedrich
Targeting the constitutive androstane receptor as a novel method for treating hematologic malignancies
University of Maryland
Hendrich's abstract
10:40 AMSabeth Verpoorte
Organs-on-a-Chip: The Quest for Biological InsightUniversity of Groningen
11:15 AMMichael Zhuo Wang
Exosomal drug-metabolizing enzymes: myth or truth?University of Kansas
11:50 AMJari Rubbens
Gastric and duodenal ethanol concentrations in healthy volunteers following intake of alcoholic beverages
KU Leuven
Rubbens' abstract
8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 3

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

Patrick Dentinger (Absorption Systems),
Cory Berkland (University of Kansas), Fred Meyer (The University of Kansas Cancer Center), and GR Underwood (Bioscience & Technology Business Center) will lead an interactive discussion on entrepreneurship

8:30 AMOpening Remarks and Panel Member Introduction
8:50 AMOutline of Session

Business Opportunity Presented
Short Video "9 steps to Business Model Generation"

Participants divided into 3 groups
9:00 AMGroups meet separately to discuss steps in business model generation
9:30 AMGroups reconvene and present their findings
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMPanel Members discuss what really happened and introduce Phase 2
10:30 AMGroups meet separately to discuss Phase 2
11:00 AMGroups reconvene and present their findings
11:30 AMOpen Discussion
8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 4
Challenges of Stabilizing Therapeutic Proteins

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMThomas Tolbert
Effects of Glycosylation on Stabilization of Proteins and Assessment of Biological ActivityUniversity of Kansas
Overall abstract
9:05 AMAtsushi Hamana
Sustained expression system of interferon-beta by using interferon-inducible Mx promoter for interferon-beta gene therapy
Kyoto University 
Hamana's abstract
9:25 AMChristian Schöneich
Novel Degradation Pathways of Proteins with Impact on Formulation Stability and ImmunogenicityUniversity of Kansas
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMZhe Li
Thermo-responsive Protein Switch that Modulates Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor activity
University of Southern California
Li's abstract
10:40 AMJohn Stobaugh
Implementation of an Xtreme Ultra Pressure Chromatographic System (XUPLC) for the Analysis of Protein Degradation ProductsUniversity of Kansas
11:15 AMMike Pikal
Formulation of Proteins for Stabilization by Freeze DryingUniversity of Connecticut
11:50 AMLaura Weber
Development of a Dentotropic Enzyme-Based Antimicrobial System for Caries Prevention and Treatment
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Weber's abstract
8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 5
Case Studies in Vaccine Development

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMDavid Volkin
Characterizing and formulating vaccines as well-defined pharmaceutical dosage forms: challenges and opportunitiesUniversity of Kansas
Overall abstract
9:15 AMRuss Middaugh
Development of a Vaccine for RicinUniversity of Kansas
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMMara Leone
High Protein Content in Dissolvable Microneedles for Dermal Vaccine Delivery
Leiden University
Leone's abstract
10:40 AMBill Picking
Vaccines and antigen designUniversity of Kansas
11:25 AMWendy Picking
Toward a Shigella vaccine. DBF, a broadly protective protein antigen vaccine against shigellosisUniversity of Kansas
8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 6
Lymphatic Drug Delivery Systems and Modulating Immune Response

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMCory Berkland
Soluble antigen arrays as antigen-specific autoimmune therapyUniversity of Kansas
Overall abstract
9:05 AMYan Liu
Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Combination Inhalation Agents for COPD
Shandong University
Liu's abstract
9:25 AMLaird Forrest
Particle therapy in the treatment of lymphatic cancersUniversity of Kansas
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMLisa Nothnagel
DoE-based development and release testing of TMP-001-loaded nanoparticles
Goethe-University, Frankfurt 
Nothnagel's abstract
10:40 AMDavide Brambilla
Drug delivery tools for the functional monitoring of the lymphatic systemETH Zurich
11:15 AMGerrit Borchard
Nanocarriers for DNA vaccination against M. tuberculosisUniversity of Geneva
11:50 AMJake Kraft
Novel Lipid-Nanoparticles for In Vivo Near-Infrared and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Elucidate Nanoparticle-Bound Small Molecule Distribution in Lymph vs Blood
University of Washington
Kraft's abstract
8:30 am
to 12:10 pm
Short Course 7
Strategies in Solid Form Design: From Amorphous Materials to Particle and Crystal Engineering

Sponsored by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Amgen, Inc., Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, and Pfizer, Inc.

8:30 AMMichael Hageman
Enhanced Oral Exposure Through Solid Form Control in DiscoveryBristol-Myers Squibb
Overall abstract
9:05 AMParthiban Anbalagan
Tablet Compression Tooling Design Modifications to Optimize Tablet Properties
National University of Singapore
Anbalagan's abstract
9:25 AMChristel Bergström
Computational Methods to Explore the Success of Amorphous Solids to Enhance Dissolution and SupersaturationUppsala University
10:00 AMCoffee Break
10:20 AMRattavut Teerakapibal
Formation of liquid-crystalline structures in amorphous drugs
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Teerakapibal's abstract
10:40 AMNaír Rodriguez-Hornedo
Understanding and Design of CoCrystalsas an Alternate Solid Form StrategyUniversity of Michigan
11:15 AMRao Mantri
API Solid Form Selection, Crystallization & Particle Engineering to Enable Formulation DevelopmentBristol-Myers Squibb
11:50 AMCarolin Thum
Magnetite loaded PLGA NPs as a powerful combination for Drug Delivery purposes
Saarland University
Thum's abstract
10:00 am
to 10:20 am
Coffee Break

Sponsored by KU School of Pharmacy

12:10 pm
to 1:30 pm
Lunch at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center (BTBC)

Sponsored by the Bioscience and Technology Business Center and Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Location: BTBC
1:30 pm
to 2:30 pm
Award Ceremony & Conference Closing

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2:30 pm
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